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Bread Basket2.5€
with two dips - Olive paste & Yogurt with beetroot
with small corn pita breads & herb infused oil
Organic vine leaves16€
stuffed with rice, shrimps, crawfish, crab, herbs, saffron and lemon sauce
Meatballs in a tomato sauce13€
served with small pita breads & and a yogurt dip with mint and lemon
Stack of white Santorini aubergine,15€
tomato, buffalo mozzarella, served with a yogurt, sour milk & basil sauce
Tart with Santorini fava, caramelized octopus,17€
capers leaves & onion stew
Beef carpaccio16€
with green salad, Santorini cherry tomatoes , graviera flakes & lemon mayonnaise
Shrimps with avocado19€
and Chios mastic sauce
Tuna tartare16€
with bonzu sauce, watermelon & mango
Smoked eel from Messolonghi (PDO),23€
grey mullet bottarga (PDO), cream with celeriac, fennel and chives oil
Sea bass carpaccio14€
served with crispy puffy leaves, taramosalata, sun-dried cherry tomatoes, fried olives, capers & lime
with a selection of Greek cheeses & cold meats, homemade jam & breadsticks


Cool summer soup11€
Fish soup with scorpion fish18€


Greek salad13€
with Santorini cherry tomatoes, cucumber, onion, roasted peppers, olives, capers, barley croutons, feta cheese & anthotyro cheese drops
Santorini salad15€
with Santorini figs, rocket, green salad leaves, pine-nuts, sun-dried cherry tomatoes, with traditional Santorini chloro cheese (goat and sheep milk) & balsamic fig dressing
Golden salad16€
with chicken, grilled manouri cheese, green salad leaves, cherry tomatoes, oilseeds & croutons
Oia Gefsis salad,19€
with shrimps, crab, mango & citrus dressing

Main Dishes

Chicken souvlaki19€
served with pita bread, tomato, tzatziki & potatoes
Chicken with sundried tomatoes,22€
aged local cheese with roasted potatoes, carrots, cream of roasted peppers & basil oil
Pork fillets24€
served with a sauce made with aged Santorini balsamic vinegar flavoured with coffee, caramelized onions, bergamot accompanied by a sweet potato & ginger puree
Duck fillet31€
with amaretto, roasted almonds, cherry, cardamom & gnocchi
Lamb shank27€
with honey, mustard, rosemary, roast potatoes & vegetables
Beef fillet32€
flavored with freshly ground pepper, mushroom sauce, potato croquettes with mushroom & truffle oil

Sea Food

Sea bass fillet26€
served with couscous flavoured with fennel & lemon, grilled vegetables & herb infused oil
Salmon in orange sauce27€
with celery root puree
Grilled shrimps28€
with a mango tartare & rice salad
Grilled tuna fillet28€
with chickpeas salad, green apple, beetroot, fresh onion, grape and sour grape dressing
Lobster grilled47€
with spiced butter sauce, caramelized vegetables & romanesko broccoli
Catch of the day

Fresh Homemade Pasta & Rissot

Porcini risotto20€
with a variety of fine mushrooms & truffle oil
Risotto with shrimps27€
Spaghetti Santorini19€
with sun-dried tomatoes, capers, green peppers, olives, rocket, garlic & fresh tomato sauce
with cottage cheese, spinach & spearmint
Tagliatelle with shrimps28€
mussels, pine nuts, basil pesto fresh cream & rum
Linguine with fresh salmon27€
tomato sauce, dill, fresh cream & fish roe
Linguine alle vongole31€
with mussels, clams, fresh cherry tomatoes, garlic, parsley & bottarga powder
Lobster pasta47€
with tomato sauce and safran


Chocolate cheesecake14€
with caramelized strawberries
Tiramisu cake12€
with Frangelico, espresso & mascarpone
Deconstructed Baklava14€
with namelaka, pistachios, crispy pastry leave & pistachio ice cream
layers of dark chocolate with white chocolate mousse & forest fruits
Sorbet Lemon8€
Ice cream9€
with yogurt and cherry
Ice cream3€ per ball
selection of vanilla, chocolate & pistachio