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Tasty treasures of a volcanic land

  • September 13, 2019

In Santorini the famous local gastronomy streams from the uniqueness of the ingredients! The volcanic eruptions over the years have created a unique soil that consists of volcanic ash, lava, pumice and minerals. Thanks to the soil texture, Santorini is rich in products of exquisite flavor that you can only find here. The uniqueness of these products also lies in the scarcity of rain in Santorini. Due to the lack of water, the plants exploit the sea saltiness that gives them a more “concentrated” taste.

On of the most famous agricultural product of the island is the cherry tomato with the distinctive sweet taste that grows only in Santorini and you will find it on the island during summer. One of the most popular dishes in Santorini is fava beans which are actually yellow split-peas and if you find yourself in Oia Gefsis, we strongly recommend you try it served on puff pastry tarts with octopus. Other local products are the round zucchinis, with the incredible taste and the white eggplant that has no seeds and a rich, sweet taste. You can taste it in our menu either in the famous mousaka or in the white eggplant tower topped with graviera cheese. Keep in mind that the white eggplant is a rare product as it grows in small quantities; so don’t miss the chance to taste it if it is available.

Santorini is an island producing unique products that have acquired certification of origin due to their rareness and tastiness and many connoisseurs as well as gourmands praise their existence. So get the chance to taste Santorini through its local treasures!